Sleep? Nah.





More homework, projects, quizzes and tests

And most importantly, GRADES

The pattern soon repeats itself when a new week starts.

Please stop, at least for a week, halt the pattern, and let the students breathe. Homework are piled as high as Mount Everest each day, projects are assigned at least three times a week, quizzes are given twice a week and tests, once a week. Those five words that are constantly swarming students’ mind, causing more stress and pressure on them to perform well. The students are at school, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., approximately 8 hours a day spent at school, and yet when they get home, they still have to finish the pile of homework from school, projects as well as study for the quizzes and tests. The time spent on homework is about 2 – 4 hours, depending on the subject and the amount, and projects as well as studying ranges from 3 hours to 7 hours, that is, if you want to score well.

Learning by CollegeDegrees360 on Flickr


Teenagers aren’t getting enough sleep because of the amount of homework that piles on top of them, not to mention sports.


“…most teens need on the order of 9-plus hours nightly to have optimal sleep” (National Sleep Foundation).

Sleep is important, if a student receives at least 8 hours of sleep, they would be able to function better; better behaviors as well as grades. Whereas, if a student was only able to get at most 5 hours of sleep, which many students nowadays does, they wouldn’t be able to behave well, or even think to get good grades. The school works are already stressing the students, and not being able to get proper sleep will just kill them.

“Effects of sleep deprivation” by Mikael Häggström.

When school first started, I was able to understand the lessons clearly and was able to achieve good grades, I had about 7 – 10 hours of sleep each day. However, after two months it changed, my grades started plummeting as well as my memory capacity. Each day, I was only able to get at most, 7 hours of undisrupted sleep it helped me to noticed a significant change, I was grouchier, short tempered, and I couldn’t comprehend anything.

Sleep is essential, which is why, teachers and schools need to limit the numbers of homework they amasses onto the students. If teachers and schools wants the students, to perform better, they should cut down the quantity of work they stacked onto the students, so that they can actually get enough sleep for once. Teenagers/students are the future, so help them for a better future.



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