What the Follicle??? Short Hair vs. Long Hair

Long hair.

Long hair.

Long hair.

Long hair.

Everywhere I stare, all i see is long hair (rhyming points for me).

Please stop it with your shampoo commercials, filled with women swishing their thick, shining, abundant locks, whispering slogans seductively though lipstick-painted lips. “The message to women is insidious and double-edged; if you boast a silicon-slicked, preternaturally shiny mane, you are worth it. But the inverse is also true; if you don’t, you aren’t,” (Irish Examiner, The Bald Truth- which is a very good article about how we perceive women. read it here). Where’s the hair diversity, people??? Pixie cuts are a growing fashion statement, and I think we could use some publicity on the pixie. All the articles I have read regarding pixie cuts is why people shouldn’t get them, since “long, luscious hair is considered feminine,” (Irish Examiner, The Bald Truth) I think, in this age of self-conciousness, we need more empowerment in self-expression through appearance.


I recently cut off 12 inches of my hair. Needless to say, it was a very big cut, and a very big decision. I have gone from a past-the-shoulder length, to a pixie cut. (That I am enjoying and rocking !!)

I have not gotten any slack on how much my “friends” said they liked me better with long hair. And to be honest, it hurts. I don’t think that people register the fact that the person they’re talking to probably has feelings. It hurts when someone says they liked the former you, after the fact that you’ve changed a part of your appearance that will take a long time to get/grow back. I had an encounter with a person who had countlessly said that he liked me with my hair long, and how pretty and (insert heart eyes emoji here) I was with it. I do not care how in love you were with my hair. I do not care how much you despise me with short hair. Hell, if you hate short hair so much, and absolutely are head over heels with long hair, why don’t you grow your own frickin’ hair long? I’ll have my pixie, and you’ll get your long hair. Done and done.

I also think its pretty amazing how people’s mindsets can change with only one difference of an physical attribute. (I have gotten rid of one person (mentioned in above paragraph) who “only likes girls with long hair”, and I am having a fantastic time without him and his negativity.)


Despite this short, chic, cut, I am on the year long journey of growing out my hair again (for myself, nor for anyone else- screw their opinions of me); at the longest being down to my shoulders, and then some. But, I am enjoying the progression of this, as slow as it is. It’s very spiritual and introspective. I am growing more as a person, along with my hair growing its length. (Thinking about a couple of dreadlocks and dyeing my hair either blue or silver once it’s grown out again !!!)

I fully recommend going against the grain, and doing something out of the ordinary. Break a social norm, and become a girl with cute short hair.(not that long hair is any less cute-)

few months into it- :^)
post-pixie: month and a half into it- :^)

So, ladies. If you want a pixie, get a pixie. Chop your hair off. Define your face. Stand up for what you believe in, and what you, yourself, want in life. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. Block out the haters. Erase the negativity in your life, whether it be your surroundings, influences, or people. Do what makes you happy, even if you may make someone else mad, or sad. Go against the flow of society.

all the best


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