Photographs & Memories


As my memory bank becomes more and more affluent and crowded, I begin to realize that our subconsciousness polishes our memory. It erases the scar of unpleasant past or cover those scars with ornate cloth. Most of all, it embellishes our memories as if Photoshopping a selfie. Dark spots are omitted, the shaggy surface is smoothened, and all is perfected to provide you with an aesthetic whole. When I reflect on those nostalgically gorgeous memories I have, I can’t help realizing that the pieces in my possession, like broken reels of film, are re-created edition.

I love to consider myself a photographer, capturing transient screenshots of life. Because we tend to forget, even when it comes to he most cherished beliefs and infatuations. It scares me sometimes upon the epiphany that one day the iridescent moments may drift away along the abrasive stream of time. Photographs make memories mellow and sweet because they keep our past secure, and over time memories will be brewed and refined in reminiscence like old claret.


“To say that photographs lie implies that they may tell the truth; but the beauty of their nature is exactly to say nothing, neither to lie or not to.” Stanley Cavell said so about photographs. Photographers know that what the moments they are freeze-framing are part of an art. An image can sing a thosand melodies and paint a thosand colors, but it is this variety that exploits it of one single explanation. It is a quiscent creature, clinging to your own space-time, that is free from any impurity or secular annoyance. Photographs thus give us something to hold on to in spite of the their manufactured nature because they are created with intent at the very beginning.


I find it intriguing the degree of resemblence between dreams and memories.The vacant silhouettes, the distant whispers, and the fleeting yet coherent vignettes are nothing more than the genuine reflection of our heart and the our sincerest emotions. Photographs safe-keep all those mirth and gaiety. Just remember, photographs polish our aesthetic sense and most of all, they make those dreams real.


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