The Checklist

“If I got locked away

And we lost it all today

Tell me honestly

Would you still love me the same?

If I showed you my flaws

If I couldn’t be strong

Tell me honestly

Would you still love me the same?”

-“Locked Away” by Rock City feat. Adam Levine

THIS PART OF THE SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD. From the moment I heard this catchy tune and beautiful lyrics, I could not stop replaying it in my head. The lyrics are now branded into my memory, and it makes me wonder: if this were to happen to me, would the person I love (in the future) still be by my side and still love me? After all of the hardships, and after I show my vulnerabilities, will the person I love love me back? Or will the person reject me and leave me alone; heartbroken?

Here is my checklist of what makes me fall in love with a song:

  • The tune has to be catchy.
  • The vocals must be good or difficult.
  • The lyrics have to have meaning to it
  • I must be able to relate to the song’s lyrics or story
  • The song must elicit a strong emotion from me

If a song has at least two of these criterias, I will most likely to memorize the lyrics and vocals of that song to the exact letter and note. I will download the song onto my phone, listen to it nonstop, and have the song stuck in my head for about a week. Another song that is stuck in my head is the chorus of Ave Maria by Beyoncé:

“ I found a heaven on Earth

You are my last, my first

And when I hear a voice inside

Singing Ave Maria”

-“Ave Maria” by Beyoncé Knowles

I love the way the Beyonce sings this song. Usually, she has a very strong voice, but for this song, she specifically sang in a soft and smooth voice that makes you want to find a pillow and blanket, snuggle against it, and sleep.

I love the meaning behind the words, and the vocals that she adds onto it makes it that much more unique and better. She sings a very high note when she says “Ave Maria” about three times at the end of the song. That high pitch really interests me, and now on my free time when I’m alone, I find myself mimicking that high note. Whenever I listen to this soothing song, I immediately start to relax and unwind. This song fits three of the criterias in my “What Makes Me Fall In Love With a Song” list, so I’m probably either going to try to memorize this whole song or sing it for a whole week… I really hope it’s memorizing, because I HATE it when I repeat only ONE stanza over and over again. I start to get sick of the entire song, and I really hope it doesn’t come to that. Wish me luck! 🙂


Feature picture by Scott Taylor


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