Music and Studying

Does listening to music actually help students improve in their studies?

Or is it the opposite?

After spending half an hour researching on this topic, I can say that it depends entirely on the music.

Listening to Mozart or Beethoven prior to preforming a task or studying can help one improve in their memory, attention and mental problem solving as well as decreases one’s depression and anxiety.

Studying math by Steven S. on Flickr

“Music with lyrics is very likely to have a problematic effect when you’re writing or reading.” (Stanford Professor Clifford Nass)

Before taking a test, students who plays Mozart in the background while studying, generally performs better than those who do not. However, listening to music with lyrics in the background can cause problems as the lyrics can interfere with the student’s study and can cause them to be confused.

Music had been proven to improve as well as diminishes one’s mood; therefore, choosing the right music to study to is important and can cause an impact. Majority of the students in this generation are either listening to pop or rock, which cause the result to be different. Choosing a music that has a slow tempo and soft/quiet can cause one to zone out and possibly fall asleep. However, selecting a music that has a fast tempo, loud and high beat can be distracting. Choosing the right melody is crucial and one should have a playlist of songs that are perfect to listen to while studying to save so they can access it anytime.

Picture by on Pexels

However, for some, listening to music can be distracting, and it is totally normal. If that is the case, then they should not listen to music while studying. If they study hard, then they should be able to pass their tests easily. Nevertheless, if they insist on having music playing in the background, then playing soft classical music on low can help.

Listening to Mozart or classical would only be beneficial to those who usually have music playing in the background, and those who doesn’t mind the music.

Overall, one can choose to turn to music to improve their attention and memory or simply focus hard on the subject. It is entirely up to that person.

Remember, its your decision.

Everybody has a choice.

Feature picture by TheAngryTeddy on Pixabay




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