The “It” Book

“Ugh, books”, were the first thoughts in my mind when my mom first told me to read a book. When I was a child, the only thing I wanted to do was play in the park or run around in the house. Whenever I thought about books, my mind would immediately connect them to school, textbooks, and homework. I never liked homework, I still don’t now. So guess what I did when my mom told me to read the book called The Wizard of Oz? I said, “No! This book doesn’t even have pictures!”.

The only way my mother knew how to make me interested in books was to read them to my older sister and I while we were in bed, ready to fall asleep. I would always ask her to read my favorite book called Anne of Green Gables, and dream of running in acres and acres of large green pastures. The reason I loved that book was because I could relate to Anne, the main character who was an outspoken and tomboyish little girl who wasn’t afraid of anything.

While I was awake, however, the idea of reading would never enter my mind. I was ten when my older sister became obsessed over this book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I was so curious as to what could make her so interested; so into the book that she wouldn’t realize how many hours went by while she sat there reading her favorite book. So, I started reading the novel. It peaked my interest, but after I finished the series, I became bored again. Then, I found another book called Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and I couldn’t put the book down and stop reading it. That book became my “it” book, just like Twilight was my sister’s.

©2008 Edurne [CC BY 2.0]

“I never knew that a book could actually interesting!”, was what I said when my mom caught me reading it in my bedroom. I kept searching for books just like it, and from then on, I never had a time where I wasn’t  reading a book. That is when I realized that books don’t always have to be so boring and educational.

The reason that people don’t like reading books is because they never found their specific “type”. One might be reading an action book, hate it, and swear never to read a book again. What they haven’t realized was that their “type” of book was actually fictional romance stories. Once you find your “it” book; the book that sparks your interest, the one that makes you want to read until you finish the whole series, the one that leaves you with a craving for more, that book will ignite your passion for books.

People don’t know about their “it” books; they only read one or two books, and once it bores them, they stop. They don’t know what genre really interests them, and they never end up finding their “it” books. Those are the type of people who I truly feel sad for. I used to be that type of person; I thought that books were boring and insignificant. I was so wrong.

Books are like temporary passageways; they allow you to imagine yourself in someone’s own life. You start to feel as if all the adventures in the book are your own. Once a character in the book dies, you feel as if the loss was your own; you start to feel a pang in your chest and your eyes start to moisten. Once the book ends, you feel happy and satisfied that you know how the main character ends up, but at the same time sad that the story ended.

That doesn’t mean that once you find your “it” book, you won’t have any other book that will interest you. All you have to do is find similar books with a different plot.

So here is my advice: find your “it” book. Don’t quit and give up after reading a couple of boring books, keep looking! Then, once you find your “it” book, start reading the whole series of that book (if it has one). Once you’re done with that, check out the author, and see all of the other books he or she wrote; some of them could be very interesting too.

Then, if you ran out of books, go to Barnes and Noble’s website, type the title of your “it” book, and look at the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section and read the summaries of those books. Some of them might interest you, so try giving one of them a shot. You can even ask a friend if they ever read your “it” book, and if they did, ask them for any other books that interests them, because it might interest you too.

Good luck, and never stop searching! 🙂


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