i never knew i’d cry so much over a shrimp.

“Oh, I found one of your shrimp. It’s dead”

i was originally going to write this blog post about snowboarding, since California’s going through a cold front, and I’m craving snow like an American wants a burger- but, i never knew i’d cry so much over a shrimp.

A ghost shrimp, specifically.

So, in AP Environmental Science we have to do a project where we make three contained biomes with three different organisms in each one, and seal it off and report progress over the course of three weeks.

Right off the bat, i was super duper excited because I COULD GET FISH AND GHOST SHRIMPS AND LIZARDS and hopefully if they survive then i get a bunch of pets !!

So I bought all of my materials and organisms, cleaned my tank, organized and put together my tank, then place my betta fish (i named him Armada), two ghost shrimps, my green anole, and some crickets, mealworms, and flightless fruit flies into the terrarium.

After two days, I noticed the water start to get cloudy since there is no sort of filtration system, and my shrimps magically disappeared!

Since they’re ghost shrimp, they are a bit translucent and a bit hard to see.

I’m really sad, and I cried to my mom about the shrimp. Even though i didn’t name them (I kinda just called them Shrimp One and Shrimp Two), and distinguished them from one another, i still feel bad that i (unintentionally) killed one of my baby shrimps.

i’m upset with this project.

i don’t think any student should have to go through the process of deliberately putting an animal into a container which has no fresh oxygen besides the plants the students place in there themselves, and sealing it. Sealing off the container is basically sealing of all your modes of contact and ways to help those small innocent organisms. The responsibility of having a life in your hands but having no control when everything goes to hell since there’s not enough oxygen or the temperature is too high/low and everything’s dying. Watching them die is hell. Watching them die AND not knowing what to do and how to help is torture.

i am going to my science teacher tomorrow morning for an alternate way to get credit.


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