Equality between Men and Women

Does equality truly exists between men and women?

In class, last Wednesday, my English teacher gave the class a prompt, “Men and women are equal” and told us to come up with as many questions as possible.

Does equality truly exists between men and women?

That was one of the questions that my group and I came up with.
From my experience and what I’ve witness, the answer is no.
I remember growing up with my 3 sisters, no brothers, and whenever my family and I visits my maternal Grandma (which was mostly holidays; Christmas, Lunar New Year, and 4th of July), the minute she opens the door and saw our faces, no matter how politely we greeted her, her face would remain darken and greets us unhappily. However, the minute when my 7 male cousins arrives, she would immediately jump out from her seat and embrace them heartily. I didn’t understand her reason for disliking my sisters, female cousins and I that time, but later, I realized that it was because of our gender.


I was shopping in Macy’s one day, and I witnessed a family of 4, a pregnant woman, her husband, and her mother-in-law. I was in the infants section with my Mom, we were looking for a baby shower gift for my aunt, she was expecting a boy. When we found the “perfect” gift, a wooden rocking horse, we then walked to the counter to pay.

Upon arriving, we saw the family again, and I couldn’t help but heard the conversation between the pregnant woman and her mother-in-law, they were speaking loudly in Vietnamese.
“Do you want a boy or a girl?” The mother-in-law asked her pregnant daughter-in-law.
“I really want a girl, I want to dress her up, play dolls with her and teach her how to cook.” The pregnant woman replied, smiling while rubbing her large stomach.
The mother-in-law, however, had a displeased expression on her face, and instantly, I knew the reason.
“That’s it? A boy is much better, it can carry on our family name. Can a girl do that? No. Once your girl is married, she’s gone forever. A boy will remain by your side and provide support for you.” The mother-in-law declared.

I then tuned out after hearing that sentence. It wasn’t true, my aunt is married, but she’s still home taking care of my maternal grandma.
I wanted to know what others thought, so I asked my friend the same question.

Does equality truly exists between men and women?

“No, equality does not truly exist between men and women. There is the difference of wages, for every man’s dollar, woman gets paid approximately 0.75 cents.” – Kimberly E.

“No, because men gets more advantages, for example, men are more likely to land a job.” – Amenda N.

“Not really, in some culture, men are more favored, it’s already the 22nd century and they still hang onto that belief that men are the foundation of the house and they’re much stronger, which isn’t true.” Kevin T.

“No. Women are instantly shamed if they get caught in an affair or something, however, men are off the hook easily. I’m just speaking from my experience. My older sister, was 19 when she got pregnant.


Her boyfriend of three years, upon hearing the news, broke up with her instantly. She didn’t want to kill a life, so she carried the baby for 9 months and now her daughter living happily with her mother. My older sister was judged and shamed by strangers in the streets. ‘Oh look at that teenage girl, she’s only like what? 17 and she’s already pregnant?’ ‘Girls these days.’I pity her parents, having a daughter like that? She’s not going to get anywhere in life now that she’s carrying a baggage with her.’ Instead of praising her for not getting an abortion and strongly facing each day, they shamed her. Whereas, her ex-boyfriend, the child’s father, gets to walk around freely. His friends even praised him for ‘knocking a girl up’. Ridiculous.” – Jeremy C.

From these statements, my view on equality between men and women have changed, and I believe that equality does not truly exist between men and women.


3 thoughts on “Equality between Men and Women

  1. This was a really eye-opening article. That is so unfortunate that woman are so attacked and abused just because of our gender. I really like how you added a lot of personal experiences into the article, it adds a lot to your point. Really interesting read! Maybe have a little more textual evidence from other internet sources to make your point be fully backed up!


  2. I didn’t really have the same experience as you when it comes to the generational gap in traditions, but reading your blog made me understand the subject better! I like the post!


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