what a show off

Yesterday evening, my uncle took me, my brother, and my grandmother to Balboa Island to look at the Christmas decorations people adorn their boats and waterfront houses in.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how Balboa Island looks, it looks like this:


(We walked that whole triangular shaped section)

All the houses in Balboa Island are very beautiful, pristine, and huge (but very expensive)

As I was walking around, I made note that all of the lights and decorations were either plentiful in amount, very elaborate designs and themes, or just all around in your face.


I noticed that the houses that were lived in had their windows open, exposing all the insides of their houses and what they were doing, to the television shows they watched.

I found that somewhat perturbing, and a little “weirded out”.

Why would you want hordes of strangers staring into your house and watching you wash dishes, or make memories with your family as you watch a nephew playing with toys around the Christmas tree?

I found that aspect odd of the people showcasing the internal life of their homes, since usually a house is your retreat of seclusion and solitude, from the “in your face” society we have today.

Why do people show off?

I searched on one of my new favorite websites, 2KnowMyself.com this question, and this is what they came up with.

Showing off can either be from the result of insecurity and the fear of being rejected-

trying to prove something, such as wealth and money-

compensating for something you lack-

reaching a goal in your mind-

or gaining acceptance, trust, and love.

Showing off usually comes off with a bad connotation, like you’re trying to exploit yourself and what you have, but sometimes it can be good, in the example of using showing off to reach a goal.

So will you open or draw your shades?

Different people have different opinions, like they will on showing off. But for me, I’ll choose to keep to myself, and keep my shades drawn.

all the best


3 thoughts on “what a show off

  1. I love the drawing you included at the end of your blog post! I’ve never been to Balboa Island but I’ve heard of their Christmas decorations and how people over there go all out. To me, I don’t think they’re “showing off” but rather being comfortable enough to be themselves and live their life even if strangers are outside. It is a bit weird, however, and I liked how you included a list of why people “show off”.


  2. It is true that some people are more inclined to express themselves than others. Some people show off because of their vanity, but more often people want to share with others. It is totally understandable that keeping things in is just another mindset. However, sharing is also a nice way to build connections and bond with others in society.


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