Seasonal Breaks

Does anyone want to guess my favorite season of the year? SUMMER. Do you know why? It is the longest break from school…and also because my birthday is in August 🙂


Okay, so in the first weeks of school, I am totally focused and ready to do my homework, study for tests, and ace my quizzes. But once October or November hits, I am DONE. I get tired, lazy, and most of all: sleepy.




The people who are very close to me know that I LOVE my sleep; it’s like an addiction to me. If someone wakes me up in an ungodly hour (for me that is anytime before 10 AM), I will hurt them. I become very grumpy for the whole entire day, and I if the person who woke me up so much as looks at the in the wrong way, I will snap.


So, guess what happens when I have to wake up every morning at 6 AM for five days a week, and can’t go back to sleep until 3 in the morning? I start to hate the subject that gives me that huge amount of workload and is keeping me up so late.


Since day one of school this year, I have had to stay up almost every night to do my homework and study for tests or quizzes. I would stay up till 3 AM and maybe wake up again at 5 AM to finish the remaining work, or not sleep at all. Whenever I tell this to my friends, they stare at me wide-eyed and ask me, “Why are you still in that class? Why don’t you just go to sleep?”


I honestly wish I could just go to sleep and ignore the homeworks and studying, but I just can’t. I would be too worried, and think about how my next day would play out. How nervous I would be when I take the exam I studies for, or how I would have to look at my teacher’s disapproving face, and tell him or her that I did not do my homework.


I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep, and would have to get up, drink some coffee and tea, and finish my school work.


So basically, my life sucks. Well, up until thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer break. That’s when I start to feel like myself again. I get to sleep for as long as I want, which would most likely be for about 10 to 12 hours. I wouldn’t be grumpy, nervous, stressed, or tired.


Whenever there is a seasonal break nearby, I would count down the days until I am free of school. That always backfires on me though; it would be Monday morning, and on my way to school, I would think it’s Tuesday. The whole day, I would ask my friends what day it is, and they would repeatedly remind me that it is only Tuesday, and there are four more days until the weekends. Minutes would feel like hours, hours would feel like days, and days would feel like weeks.


Finally, when the seasonal break comes, and I have no school; I become ecstatic. I would smile, and always have a bounce to my step. I get to stay up late, sleep late, and do whatever I want with my day. I can read, watch TV, go hiking, swimming, or any other activity that peaks my interest.


Once it hits summer vacation, and I can do whatever I want for about 11 weeks, I am overjoyed. Unlike my sister, I don’t get bored and miss school. I’m the opposite, I am always interested in something; whether it be a new TV show I never saw, or a new series of books that I just found out about.


Time passes by so fast that I don’t even realize summer is ending until my older sister reminds me. I never keep track of the days, dates, or even months. I don’t even know when my birthday is coming up until one of my relatives mentions it in one of our conversations.


I dread the last weeks of summer, because I feel like it was only a week or two ago when I said goodbye to my friends and took my finals. Although I do miss my friends during the summer, I still don’t want to go back to school and take more rigorous classes that take up all of my time.


There are only four things that would make me like my class:

  1. There aren’t too many quizzes, tests, or homeworks.
  2. The teacher must be funny or interesting.
  3. I must have at least one friend there that will always keep me laughing or smiling.
  4. The topics that are taught in the class must interest me, so that I would not mind learning and studying it.


If a class has all of the factors in it, it will be my favorite class. It will be the class that I would enjoy going to, and would wait for. I would be happy going into the class, and going out.


The only problem is, most of my classes don’t have all of these criterias. I only had one or two subjects that checked out all of these major points, and the other ones either had two or three of these things, or none at all.


If only my classes had all of these criterias checked; I wouldn’t have to resort to countdowns for seasonal breaks.
-Iman ❤


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