mind flower

I would like to dream with my eyes open. I want to watch them dance so hard and so passionately before me that when I die it will be like kissing goodbye the last moments of sleep before waking up and stepping out of bed into another world.

I would like to go everywhere. I want to sail all seven seas and fly through every inch of air and land in every single country. I want to taste three-thousand flavors from a hundred different cultures and meet people of all races, classes, and belief systems.

I would like to learn eight-hundred-thousand different things. I want to learn what genetic sequences differentiate a chimp from a man. I want to learn how the ear captures vibrations and how the mind interprets them as music. I want to learn how a camera captures an image and how it is stored on an SD card and how a computer translates that back into an image made out of thousands of colored pixels.

I would like to help everyone. I want to feed every hungry child and put a bandage on every wound and rescue every stray off the street and give a dollar to every homeless person and save every threatened forest and bring an end to every war.

I would like to feel the wind rush up my nose and through my hair as the adrenaline pours through my veins after jumping from a plane, with nothing but a parachute and my own wits.

I would like to wander the crossroads of America with just my guitar, playing the blues for anyone who will listen.

I would like to paint orange poppies out of broad brushstrokes and watercolors.

I would like to ask the scientist, the holy man, the criminal, and the four-year-old child what they each see in the stars at night.

But I am just standing in a doorway


Looking outwards

Into darkness

Armed with nothing

But a pocketful of childish dreams

And the audacity to take the first step.

– Kat


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