The Long Winter Break

Winter break finally came along! When winter break started, I didn’t know that the two weeks were going to be the best times of my life. I’m going to recap what happened during those two weeks.

My first week consisted of playing video games, doing homework, and going to Sacramento. I first started my long week playing video games. I would stay up till around 3 A.M. playing Call of Duty. I would have a blast hanging out and playing with my friends.


After a while, I knew I had to get my homework done. Both my boyfriend and I had to get it done. Some background on him and I are that he is a family friend. However, he had moved to another state leaving us at a long distance relationship. He and I would spend hours talking to each other over FaceTime and doing homework together. To be honest, he would motivated me to do my homework early. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have started on my homework till the last few days of break. From Monday to Thursday, we would start homework around 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. working on homework and messing around at the same time.

Then my week from Friday to Sunday, my family and I had gone to Sacramento  to visit my nephews and niece who were my cousin’s children. When I had arrived the children were excited to see me and I was too. Over the course of three days, we traveled to many different tourist areas in Sacramento and traveled back down to San Francisco. While in Sacramento, my nephew really wanted to go to a Boba shop called SnowBee.


I have to say the drinks there are amazing. On Saturday, we drove south to San Francisco. We crossed the Golden gate bridge, walked around Chinatown, and then headed to Montara State Beach before heading back to San Francisco.


While at the beach, we decided to step into the water. It was the worse idea ever. My feet were numb and freezing cold. There was this area in the sand where there was a little creek that we had to cross. On the way back, out feet were in so much pain. My nephew wanted to make a deal with me which was that if I carried him over the creek, he would hold my shoe. A few minutes into holding him, I had dropped him. This was a funny moment that had happened while I was there.


After vacation, I had returned to my usual routine of playing video games and doing homework with my boyfriend. The two week break ended in a great way. There is only a few more hours from now till the end of break and until I am back into the routine of going to school.

Hopefully everyone had a relaxing winter break and is ready from finals in two weeks.

Thank you for reading!

-Natalie 🙂


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