Blog Post #6

So, there’s good news and bad news. Good news?  It’s a New Year! Bad news? Winter break ended, and  finals are up soon… Ugh, finals.

I don’t understand why finals are a vital part of your grade. It can drop your grade a whole letter down if you don’t do well, and if you do, it only nudges your grade a bit higher. The most difficult thing about finals is trying to remember everything you learned for MONTHS and trying to pour all of that memorization and understanding into ONE test.

©2013 @Rich [CC BY: 2.0]
I understand why there are regular and tests and quizzes; it shows how much you understood and learned from the recent sections, and how well you can use that understanding to solve problems.

But what I don’t understand is when they give you unit or final exams. Because, seriously, no one is going to remember everything they learned from day one. Unless they have photographic memory, which is another thing…

I wish I had photographic memory; life would be so much easier. I would understand everything the teacher taught, retain the memory for long periods of time, and ace all of my exams. But alas, I don’t. ☹

What I am thankful for is the study guides the teacher gives out. Without those, I would be a goner. I would fail every final, and all of my grades would drop like flies.

Another thing that sucks about finals, however, is the weight it has on your grades. Imagine having an A the whole semester. Then imagine taking a immensely hard final, and receiving a tear-inducing grade. Yeah, that A that you had will no longer be there. No, it will turn into a B.

That unfortunate event did happen to me when I was a freshman in high school. I had the hardest teacher for a class; he treated it as if it was “a college course class”. And believe me, I’m not making this up, those quotes that you see in the prior sentence? Yeah, that was me quoting him.

I was so proud of my A, since I was only one of the handful that had one. Then we took the final called the Beast. Either the Beast eats you, or you kill the Beast; so either you pass of fail. Guess what happened to me? I failed.

So, if anyone breathes the word finals, my whole mood will drop. I will give that person a frown, and try to ignore the fact that it’s coming soon. Yeah I know it’s a bad tactic, but I’m trying to enjoy my days while it lasts. Guess I’m just going to have to wait for the calm to end, and for the storm to begin.

©2011 Krystian Olszanski [CC BY:2.0]


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