The Birthday Curse

I have always believed that my birthday was a curse.

My parents would somehow get into arguments and hold grudges against each other on my birthday, which sometimes results in cold-shoulders, angry glares and tense atmospheres.

However, yesterday was the first day in several months that I felt alive again.

January 17, 2016.

It was a day before my birthday, and the birthday curse had struck earlier this year. I woke up, did my daily morning routine, and then went to the dining table to have breakfast. The minute I walked in, I noticed that thick tension in the air, and the looks my siblings were sporting.

When questioned, they answered that my Dad took my Mom’s joke too literal.

There it goes, my birthday will be exactly like last year’s, the year before that or the year before the year before that, or even worse, and I have finals to worry about too.

I thought bitterly.

EscapeX Rooms in Irvine;

A few days ago, my friends; Jen, Andy, Grace and I decided to go to an Escape room, to test our observation skills and our deduction skills. I asked my younger sister Irene if she wanted to come along, and she agreed. We booked a room at the Escape place for 4:30 p.m.

After breakfast, I showered, then got ready for my birthday hangout with my friends. We were supposed to meet up at J’s house at 2:00 p.m., and from there, we will depart to Irvine for our appointment.

Initially, I’d thought that it would be boring and I wouldn’t have fun, simply because every year, without fail, my birthday would result in an argument or something worse. In addition, I was always tense and serious, I’ve never let myself go loose and truly enjoy, so I had doubts that this year, my birthday would be the same.

However, once I had met up with my friends, my doubts started to fade away. They were able to make me try new things and enjoy my time with them, smile, laugh and forget about finals and problems at home.

Pinterest saved by Angela Cardena

Each one of them taught me, that day, to live, laugh and love.

Thank you guys.

Before I know it, the day was over and I had to go home. I didn’t want to leave my friends, they were my second family, but I knew that I had to, I had to face my problems and can’t run away from it.

Expecting to come home to arguing parents, I was surprised to see them sitting comfortably on the couch and watching movies together.

The next day, today January 18, I had the best birthday ever. My parents and older sister woke up early to buy the ingredients for tonight’s dinner, then made me breakfast in-bed. Afterwards, we got board games out to pass the time. Dinner was amazing, not only for the food, but because my family and I actually sat together and had a ‘real’ family dinner. Finally, the cake, fruitcake tart, was brought out, cut and finished.

I guess the curse didn’t strike this year. 🙂

Featured Image: Pastry Palace,, Fruit Tart Galore


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