Lesson learnt from Hiking

Today, 2/7/2016, I went hiking with my friends and erudite a valuable lesson.

I woke up this morning, excited for the day. I was going to hang out with my friends for the day.

Feeling excited and pumped up, I followed my friends onto the hiking trail on Top of the World. Two hours in, I already wanted to give up, the hills were steep and there we had already ran out of water.

3 hours later:

Although the picture says Dripping Cave, it wasn’t the real Dripping Cave, we were lost and this was the only cave we found, so we decided to just go with it.

We were lost, dehydrated and all of our muscle ache. My lungs were on fire, while my legs felt like they were already gone. While I wanted to give up, I thought about all of my friends on the hike with me. By giving up now, I would be a burden and dragging them on. I could not do it to them, so I continued going, even though I felt like I was in hell.

4th hour:

We went here first, which was not Top of the World hike trail, we got lost along the way and just went here, Laguna State Park.

I couldn’t go any further. We’ve taken at least three dead ended trails and had gone in two wrong directions. Our spirits were down and we all felt like giving up. My legs were giving up on me, my heart was going faster than the race karts while racing, and my head was pounding too much blood into my head causing me to see multiples of my friends.

I can’t do this anymore, I voiced out.

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there.”

My friend Andy cheered.

Nodding, I got up and continued on the trail. Three minutes have not even pass, yet I stopped and sat down again.

No. I can’t go on. I thought.

“You got this, just persevere through this.”

Again, came my friend, cheering me on and even offering to give me a piggy back to the top (pathetic? I know.) However, I shook my head and carry on.

Five minutes later, I stopped yet again and the thoughts invaded my mind.

You can’t do this, its way too hard. You should just quit. Just stop. I thought.


“Come on! See, we’ve made it this far already, don’t give up on the way.”

I shook my head at Andy, he just doesn’t get it does he? I had thought.

However, his next words snapped me out of my pathetic thinking.

“You have already made it this far up. Don’t give up. Persevere, how do you think all of those Olympic athletes get to where they are today? Because they never gave it, perseverance is the main key, not just talent. So get up and persevere through this so you will be able to say you did it.”

Yes. Don’t give up, listen to him, you’ve already made it this far up. Don’t be a QUITTER, be a CONQUEROR. With that mindset, I stood up straight, and finished the trail.

Once I was back in the car, the feeling came back. I’m glad my friend pushed me to finish the trail, if I didn’t and just quit, I would’ve not only feel pathetic, I would also regret it deeply.

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

–Confucius (551-479 BC), philosophe

So, thank you Andy.

Once you have started something, do not give up along the way and regret it later on. Even though there are obstacles along the way, once you persevere through and you will find out why you started in the first place.



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