Sleep Time!

[CC0 Public Domain]
Do people naturally sleep early and wake up early, or were they raised to do it that way? I am a night person; I can easily stay up late at night, sleep for a very long time, and wake up late in the afternoon (or sometimes evening). Yet, everyone else in my family sleeps early at night, and wake up early in the morning. 

I wake up by either:

  1. Hearing my older sister or dad talk loudly in the living room, or on the phone.
  2. Seeing my mom’s, dad’s, or sister’s face telling me to get up, because I slept for too long.
  3. An alarm telling me to wake up for school.

If none of those events occur, I sleep blissfully for hours and wake up fresh for the day.. well, night, since I slept for most of the day.

My dad always tells me that I should sleep and wake up early like they do. But I can’t; it’s not in my nature. When I wake up in the morning, I ALWAYS feel as if my whole body has been hit by a bus; especially my back and head. It takes me weeks for me to get used to waking up and sleeping early, yet it takes me two days to go back to my natural nocturnal sleeping habits.

So, when I told this to my uncle who is also a nurse, he tells me that it is normal. Everyone is different; some people like to sleep early and some late. That’s why there are night and day shifts.

[CC0 Public Domain]
Although that idea does sound nice, it’s hard to actually believe it. Everyone around me sleeps and wakes up early that I don’t feel as if my sleeping habits are normal. My parents tell me it’s because I get too tired, sleep for too long, wake up late, and then sleep late.

I just try to remember what my uncle told me, “Everyone’s different, and it is normal to have different wants or needs”. So, whenever someone wakes me up, and tells me that I should start waking up early, I try to remember what he said. I try to remind myself that waking up late isn’t abnormal; it just isn’t what everyone around me does. It’s not weird; it’s me.

-Iman 🙂


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