Never Give Up.

Countless kids have kindled a spark of passion, learning to nurse it through their adolescent years, possibly growing into some sort of child prodigy, in their innocent, naive dedication to their adroitness, or they could have played around with said spark, then let it dwindle to a flicker, then extinguish into a puff of smoke, it being no longer their muse.

And it’s okay to snuff out your fire if you don’t want to carry the heat anymore.  There are plenty of torches along your path, all you need to do is hold one up and let it light the path you choose to endure. And if you never had a fire to begin with, it’s okay. You have the key to a world of unbiased exploration. You do not need to be bound by an early dream, a premature optimization, to be marked a good person. Just never give up.

Howbeit, I have possessed a spark, and I have chosen to let it form into an unruly inferno. Like my fire, I have grown; I have learned to control the burning, licking flames, stoking the heart of my passion, conducting my personal hellfire to rise and fall with my beckon call.

This incandescence I have acquired is none other than art.

I took my time today to look back on my art, rummaging through boxes stuffed to the rim with old artwork, ranging from my infantile scribbles, to my middle school “sad girl” phase, I am truly astonished at how I have grown so far.

Fruit in the Street by Verity Webster

This was done when I was 7, and obviously I was no Picasso. I remember drawing this, faintly, but I remember being very proud of drawing that hand, which I thought was the gosh darned diddliest hand I have ever drawn. This art period of mine consisted of fruits, monkeys drawn with sharpies (which actually bled into the books I’ve drawn on) and a few drawings of the boy I was infatuated with at the time, and I, kissing.

I try to forget those, I really do.

Moving onto my middle school drawings.



Agonized Self Portrait by Verity Webster

I keep laughing at this picture, I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of eyebrows (in actuality I barely have any, curse you, Asian genes) or because I drew myself like a knockoff version of Justin Bieber. I’m quite happy I moved on from this art style.

Modesty and the ability to laugh at yourself is a good trait to have, or to harness and gain, because what’s better than laughing? Especially if it will make you a stronger person. 


On to high school.


I suffered through a year long art block, beginning in the mid to end of my eighth grade year of school, lasting over summer, and stopping around freshman year. Getting back onto my feet and figuring out my style again was difficult, quite similar to getting a hammered drunkard to walk a perfectly straight line.  That being said, freshman year was a total (insert exaggerated, sighing, exhale here). I believe, with me being the self over-criticizing artist I am, that my art was worse than my middle school phase.

These two were drawn after I had been rejected from ASB. Yes, I do like to talk about this subject a lot, but it had changed me and my mindset drastically. This, like Picasso, was my blue period. These pieces are still part of my top 10 favorites.



dmitri and arsen.png
I Believe in Fate Because of You by Verity Webster 

This was a Valentines Day gift for my friend of our two original characters that are canonly shipped together, and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. Originally, this was a traditional drawing, then I messed up on coloring (the one on the left was colored with a too-yellow colored pencil.) so I switched to digital. (I use the free software Medibang Paint Pro and a Intuos drawing tablet, if anyone’s wondering. I still have a ways to go with hand anatomy, though. Its okay, it can only get better from here.

Overtaken by Roses by Verity Webster

In short, this was supposed to be a plain sketch of a girl, then I added the roses, then came the thorns, then the rose petals, then the shading- and so now we’ve got a full-on art piece.

spacewoman by Verity Webster

“Houston, we have a problem… She has fallen in love with the stars and doesn’t want to go home.” – Verity Webster 1|21|16

Yes, I know its physically impossible to cup a star in the palms of your hands because a star is a sun, and a sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace – but art transcends the boundaries of reality and goes as far as your mind will stretch.

These pieces are my most recent. I have created my own style after a long roundabout of trial and error. I have a long way to go, but for now, I am actually happy with my art.

Never give up, whether it be a passion you want to explore and deepen your desire for, or in general. Don’t get demoralized, don’t lose confidence in, or underestimate your potential and capability. There is a world out there for you to explore and stretch your horizons to, and it’s a beautiful place to be.

Good luck to you and all of your future endeavors,

– V



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