Stage Fright

©2012 George Dvorsky [CC BY: 2.0]
Stage Fright. Two simple words that contains so many emotions.

People think that stage fright can be a simple fix; that once you perform or present your art, you get rid of it. Oh, how I wish it was that simple…

The truth is, stage fright is not some kind of problem that can easily be fixed. It is a part of you that will always linger in your mind and emotions. The fear that is always there might fade, but it will never be truly gone.

Many artists suffer from the anxiety of performing too, unfortunately. Adele, one of the most famous musicians alive today, also has stage fright. “I’m scared of audiences,” she says. “I get shitty scared.”

©2015 Sadat Selimi [CC BY: 2.0]
I can relate to her anxiety problems; I have them too. Whenever I think about performing on stage, my whole body tenses up. I start to fidget, and my heart rate starts to spike up. Like Adele, “My nerves don’t really settle until I’m offstage”.

I still feel that frantic heartbeat, nervousness, and shaking body while I perform. My voice becomes very high pitched, and I have to keep myself from looking at the audience’s faces.

Another singer, Lorde, also has stage fright before going to perform: “Before I go onstage I lock into this period of the most crippling fear,” she said. “It’s something I wouldn’t wish on someone that I hated…It’s the worst half-hour of my life, every night!” Difference between her and I are that she starts to relax once she starts singing. I, on the other hand, am still very nervous.

©2014 Constanza [CC BY: 2.0]
The thing that angers me the most is that this nervousness and anxiety interferes with my voice and how I perform. I wouldn’t mind having stage fright before performing, but I also have it while I’m onstage. My voice pitch became higher than normal; prohibiting me from hitting the difficult high-pitched notes of a song. Then, my voice either cracks or is very strained.

I hate how when I’m alone, I can sing a song perfectly and at ease, but when I sing in front of an audience (whether it be 1 person or 30), I can’t sing the song as perfectly and make mistakes. I wanted to get rid of this problem, but I didn’t know how.

So I went to my mom and asked for advice, and she said, “If you perform in front of people many times, you will get rid of stage fright”

I don’t think that’s true though. I believe that having stage fright is a permanent trait that will never go away. Yes, you might be able to perform in front of people, but you will never get rid of the nerves before you go on stage.


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