Let Loose

Let Loose

Have you ever felt like you’re not really having fun even though you are out and happy with your friends?

On the outside, you are smiling, but on the inside, you are not?

I have.

Most of the times when I hang out with my friends, I fool myself into considering that I am having an incredible time, when in reality, I’m not.

This past week, I have comprehended that the reason in which I am not having fun is because I am constantly holding myself back. I am unconsciously withdrawing myself from having fun with my friends. I have realize that I’m afraid of new things/changes. I’m also afraid of getting judged for my actions, being myself. I have always been afraid, fear for the worst. A pessimist, not an optimistic.

With that thought in mind, I told/emboldened myself to go completely free on Friday for my school’s spring festival. But first, I stepped out of my comfort zone by signing up to volunteer at my club’s booth for the school’s Spring Festival.


On the day of the Spring Festival, I wholly let myself go free. I tried new things, met new friends and made sure that I was actually having fun. Even though it was only a few hours, I was still able to have fun because I felt safe and let my guards down.

It felt so different compared to the times I spent with my other friends.

I now understand that earlier I was not able to run loose because I’m terrified to let my guard down. With my friends, I could not let myself go completely out, always afraid and alert, always being on my best behavior because I was afraid of them judging me.

However, if you don’t, then you are never having fun.

Do not be afraid.

Don’t let your fear control you.

Try new things, you really cannot tell if you hate or like something if you have not given it a chance or try it.

Do not let your fear prohibit you from trying out new things and having fun.

Try new things, live life.

Have Fun!

🙂 J



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