I’ve always been either too intimidated or too shy to start a conversation with someone.

Afraid that they would judge me for my opinions, grammars and accent, I would cowered away from conversations and just observe quietly on the side as my sisters converse with strangers.

Today, however, that changed.

Today is Easter and I made a resolution to talk to as many people as I possible.

The first strangers I talked to were the other altar servers (the priest’s assistants during mass, usually dressed in white alb/robe) I was serving with. The minute I walked into the room, I immediately walked up to the two younger boys and talked to them, asking them general questions and just conversing with them. My younger sister was also with me, and after mass when we left, she told me that she preferred them (the altar servers we just met) over the ones that we were usually paired up with. I realized then that we preferred them over the other ones was because we actually talked to them and got to know them, instead of just awkwardly standing there and trying to avoid each other’s gazes.

The second group of strangers that I met and talked to was at Fashion Island. They were a group of teenagers, three males and two females. At first, I was too intimidated to talk to them, all of them were wearing such trendy clothes and the aura that they gave off intimidated me.

However, I felt the urge to tell one of the girls that her white shorts were stained. After informing her, privately, she thanked me profusely and we chatted for a bit, after she took care of it. She then introduced me to her friend and after talking for a while, we decided to go get some lunch together.

Getting lunch

After getting lunch, we decided to stop by Lollicup to get some boba. When I left, I decided to tell them how I felt intimidated by them pior to actually talking to them. They laughed and told me that they get that from a lot of people because of their naturally grumpy resting face.


Jasmine Green Milk Tea w/ boba








I realized then and promise myself that I would never judge anyone fully before knowing them. Like the group of teenagers I met, they can look intimidating and scary, but once I got to know them, they were actually really friendly and sweet.

Ending my day, I talked to an elderly couple. They were about in their sixties, and they were the sweetest. I met them when I went jogging around my neighborhood. The neighborhood that I live in, isn’t exactly the safest place.
While jogging, I met an Asian couple walking their pomsky (Pomeranian husk), and when the puppy saw me, she immediately ran over and licked my shoes. I walked with the couple back and it was overall a really peaceful evening. I’ve actually seen the couple walked their pomsky in the morning during the weekend sometimes, they seemed nice and friendly, however I was too shy to approach them and talk to them.

Overall, at the end of the day, I’ve realize that you need to put yourself out there, don’t be intimated by anything. Just be yourself!

Good luck



One thought on “Talk

  1. I feel the same way! My heart starts pounding and my palms get sweaty just thinking about asking an employee for help or talking to someone on the streets. I get so nervous & it really sucks to feel intimidated by people because then sometimes you miss out on chances. It’s cool how you were able to get lunch with that group of teenagers! That must have been one heck of a conversation 🙂


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