Stinging Habit

Procrastination troubles many people including me.  For my part, I am well aware of the not-so-complex psychological twist of procrastination. Your brain tells you one thing, and your inclination says another. “I’m going to finish this in an hour.” “Hold on. Let me check my cell phone real quick.” It’s almost as if two different personalities are debating in my brain. Sadly, the idle wins most of the times.

If procrastination is our innate inclination to avoid challenges and take the easy job, then how do we alter this tendency? The answer is plain and simple: strict self-control. All successful people have highly-regulated personal schedules which allow them to not only get the job done in time but also make the most out of their leisure time to enrich themselves. We would conventionally call these people hard-working, but the reality is that those people are smart enough to see their goals and the approach to get to that goal.

Self-control requires much more than the motivation.You need to be resistant to both temptations and indolence. Temptations at hand such as your cell phone deviate your attention to large amounts of distracting information unrelated to your work. Indolence tries to weaken your determination and persistence. They are like restless little devils in your heart constantly wave the flag of “pleasure”. You need to fight against them instead of getting swayed by them over and over. You also need to strictly adhere to your plans, either written or in your mind. When your time is planned out and punctually adhered to, you are already on the right way to eliminating your negative intuitions.


When I think of the choices I made in the past, I find them to be consistent in a negative way. Mistakes were repeated; adverse habits were dragged on; original goals were left behind. As youngsters, we should remember that whatever we are doing now has long-lasting repercussions on our future paths. Use time wisely to shape myself to become a better individuals. Cell phones deplete your brain while knowledge irrigates it. Procrastination and other annoying habits are just your own enemies who stand in the way between this unsatisfactory self and a possible self.


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