Words hurt, but not so much when you change their definition.“Jackie, you are such a beep.” My friend texted me one day, when I refused, and I absolutely mean refuse, to help her lie to her parents. Yes, she used the B-word and yes, she called me a female dog.

My friend, Lily, told her parents she was going to the library with me on Wednesday, when she was actually going to a concert in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Kyle.

At first, when a couple people called me those words, I was really upset and hurt. I was upset because I could’ve prevented people from calling me that by heeding to their needs. Hurt, because most of the people that said it to me were my friends and coming from the people closest to me, it stings and also because I listened to them, I thought I was really a beep for not being able to help them.

However, after getting called that for every single time after I apologize to my friends for not being able to help them, I’ve grown used to it and tired of it. The word completely lost its meaning to me. But if you really think about it, the word simply means “a female dog”, now how is that offensive?

I asked my friend, Ashley about this and she, herself couldn’t answer.

“Ashely, why is the b-word offensive?”

“Because it’s a bad word.”

“Why? What makes it a bad word?”

“It’s just a bad word!”

Now, whenever my friends call me those names, I always turn around, smile then thank them. (It always get them so mad).

In a serious note, just ignore them. Words hurt only if you make them to be.



Through this, I’ve learned that words hurt, but only if you make them hurt. If you care less or ignore it, then you’ll be able to see it as is, a simple word.


Ft. Image: theodysseyonline.com/


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