Conquering Fears

Performing. Whether it be an essay or a scene; it will always be stressful and nerve-wracking before you start your presentation. Very few people are blessed enough to never worry about performing, because they don’t care how well they will present their piece. Yet, many of us unlucky ones have the unfortunate —– that make us very nervous when preparing and performing our pieces.

I hated that feeling, so I decided to face and overcome it. I auditioned for my school’s singing competition called FVHS: The Voice, and hoped for the best. Out of the entire school, I was one of the top 25 students to get picked!

All 25 of us students had to go to a lunch meeting, so that the director, who was also a teacher, can tell us how the show will be, how many people are expected to come, what the judges will look for in our performance, when to come for the mic check, and when the show will start.

After the meeting, I walked out with a pounding heart, shaking hands, and an indecisive (and doubtful) mind. Will I be able to perform in front of so many people? How will I keep my heart steady while I sing? What if I mess up?

As time went on, and I practiced a lot with my friend (who was also my guitarist), the day to sing and perform came. I met all of the contestants, and got to spend some time talking and getting to know them. I realized that I was not the only one afraid and nervous; almost every 25 of the contestants were as nervous as me, some more. Once I realized that, it somehow calmed me. I started to become the calm one telling other people that everything will be alright, that their performance will be awesome.

Once I heard the speaker say my name, and it was my turn to go up on the stage and sing, I was calm. All I saw were bright lights and a small dark place where I couldn’t see anyone. I started to only look at that area, but once I became more comfortable singing, I was able to turn and look at everyone.

I looked at the entire audience, and realized my mind was my greatest weakness. I imagined the audience to be five times the amount of people there actually was. I made myself think that the audience’s numbers would be equivalent to one of a celebrity’s concert; instead of hundreds of thousands, there was a little more than a hundred.

(How I thought it would be) [ Pubic Domain]
So I sang; I focused on each notes and challenging rifts of my song. The longer I sang, the more nervous I got, which confused me. I was calm in the beginning, but somehow the longer I was in the spotlight, and everyone was staring at me, the more nervous I got about making a mistake in front of everyone.

But, I made it through without making any mistakes. I’m so proud that I faced my fears, that I don’t care if I didn’t make it to the next level. I did what I came to do: face my fears of performing.



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