Becoming Lazy

Laziness. It is something that many people face today.

Laziness (also called indolence) is “a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to act or exert oneself”.

The source of becoming lazy, or a coach-potato is one’s hobbies. If a person has active hobbies and is usually outside; then they will mostly be a healthy and active person. If a person’s hobbies involve minimum activity; then the person will most likely spend their days laying down and being idle.

I am a person who likes reading books and watching movies or TV shows; so I spend most of my day offs laying down and being inactive. The only time I do get up and be active is when someone either makes me get up and do something, or when I have to do something for school or for a friend.

So, I guess that I am a lazy person. Yes, reading books does help you become a better writer and makes you more imaginative, but what does it do for your body? Usually, when you are reading a book, you are either sitting or laying down. So, when reading, it keeps your brain active, but your body idle.

©2012 @simpleinsomnia [ CC BY 2.0]
Also, watching TV keeps you in a vegetated state; where your body barely moves. Your eyes are focused in one area, and all you do is watch other people act out scenes and plots that are interesting to you. What  you watch may make you think more or less, depending on the genre. Usually, when you watch a movie, you are more inclined to eating junk food, whether it be popcorn, snacks, candy, or chocolate.

©2012 Mr. Hyde [ CC BY 2.0]
Since I read and watch a lot in my spare time, I am not as active as I would like to be. Yes, school projects and assignments or social gatherings may keep me from becoming totally inactive, but if I had an option of spending my day walking around in a park or reading a really interesting book, I would pick the book.

I used to be a really active person when I was younger, but I started to become lazier the more I aged. I guess it also had a lot to do with the people I surround myself with. Even when I was younger, I would always have to repeatedly ask my older sister and cousins to come and play with me. They would rather sit down and talk about their day or whatever interested them at the moment, so I would be left restless and bored.

I guess I just started getting used to not having anyone to go and play outside with me, so I started to sit and talk with them also. So, after I while, I too, started to become inactive. I started to become lazy.




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